Sunday, April 20, 2014

AOH - Braxton Payne Auction Piece

Sharing with you another NAME artisan piece by Braxton Payne. which will be up for bidding this week during the Online Houseparty.
First a bit of a bio about Braxton.
In 1978 he joined the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts and two years later he was asked to become a member of the NAME Board of Directors. He served ten years on the Board, including two years as President and Chairman. In 1989 he was nominated to the NAME Academy of Honor, as his mother had been several years earlier. In 1999 he received the Academy's Mell Prescott award.
But, by far he is most proud of his efforts to show others how to enrich their lives through the simple fun of the hobby of miniaturing. He has taught workshops for small clubs as well as national conventions, and for over fifteen years he conducted an annual all-day seminar, attended by hundreds and modestly called “The World’s Largest Miniature Workshop”, at the Gulf South Miniature and Dollhouse Event in New Orleans. He still enjoys making the occasional custom model for conventions, and continues to create his miniatures for collectors around the world.
This fireplace on the auction block is one of his Williambsurg fireplaces- it is a collectible and his early fireplace pieces are sought after. Note the piece has his signature.
This piece stands 9" in height.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

New "NAME" sign

The new NAME sign has been installed! I am so happy! landscaping around the sign will be happen once the weather in Carmel assures us that flowers and such will not be harmed by cold temperatures. 

Happy dance!
THANKS to the A-3 Region ( Indiana, Kentucky,Michigan, Ohio and Western West Virginia ) for the generous donation of funding to have a much needed new sign made and installed. 


I want to spark your interest in next week's Online Houseparty "Online" auction. To register as a bidder- head over to the NAME website- ( you must be a NAME member to register)
Find the auction tab and you will find a complete set of instructions on how to become a registered bidder.
Here is information on one of the collectible pieces being offered. Gotta tell you,I just love working with these donated collectible/atisan auction items. Thanks Janet Smith for letting me work with you the "Online Houseparty Auction"!
Rosemarie Torre handcrafts and embellishes miniature furniture, lighting fixtures, and roombox vignettes. Her work speaks for itself! FABULOUS ARTISAN! This is a signed piece.
Donated by Sue Seiffert.
Rosemarie specializes in hand painted Oriental and Traditional European furniture, crystal chandeliers and wall sconces, plus she offers workshops to make miniature dollhouse rooms.She has been painting dollhouse furniture for over 35 years and resides in the Catskills of New York.
Yes,her work is highly collectible! Recent pieces of her work have sold for hundreds of dollars on the Rhoades auction site.
This beautiful oriental painted table measures 1 3/4" by 1 3 /4"

Friday, April 18, 2014

Kathleen Savage Browning Museum Exhibit Unveiling

Another day of special miniature news ....
Yesterday, I ( Babette Overman) traveled to the Kentucky Gateway Museum located in Maysville,Kentucky- home of the Kathleen Savage Browning Museum to congratulate Kay and to make a special NAME- A3 regional donation to the auction benefiting the museum. Yesterday,Kay Browning ( NAME member) held the unveiling of an incredible miniature work- the inside of the beloved Russell Theater located in Maysville. ( photo below ,thanks to Mark Walton)The theater's exterior exhibit went on display several years ago,now two years later- the second project was unveiled yesterday ( picture below from miniature artisan,Mark Mead's photographs and I also have a photograph of Mark with NAME member,Lori Potts of Canada.
The exterior theater project was the first miniature in the collection where the general public was invited to have a personal hand in constructing. Many of the 11,000 bricks in the fa├žade were purchased and engraved by anyone who wanted to commemorate the memory of someone or honor their lives. Half of the money raised from this activity went to the Russell Theater restoration committee and the other half will be used by the museum for operational expenses. The miniature of the Russell joins two other Maysville miniatures, the Cox Building and the Bethel Baptist Church.The general public has a part in the interior project as a person may purchase a miniature seat in the interior exhibit of the theater.
Artisans from across the United States and Internationally,along with others enjoyed demonstrations from Mark,Lori Ann,Alice Zinn, Laura Settle, Linda Young ( Lady Jane) and Annelle Ferguson ( just to name a few).
A grand celebration continues today. I encourage all miniaturists ,if you are ever able to visit this museum,please do so as the collection is "grand". Congratulations Kay!

The installation of the exhibit will be completed in early May.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Create A Shop-Nebraska State Day

"Create a Shop"
21st Annual Nebraska State Day
September 20, 2014
9am to 4pm
Faith Presbyterian Church
8100 Giles Road
LaVista, NE 68127
You do NOT need to be a member of NAME
to participate in this event!

Registration: $70.00 (includes morning coffee, lunch, project, tote bag, souvenir gift, and more). This event is limited to 35 registrants, and the deadline for registration is August 15, 2014. Cancellation/refund no later than September 1, 2014.

Gift Exchange: Make 21 miniatures (all alike) that would go into the Create a Shop (no kits or printies) and if you participate you will take home 21 gifts for your Create a Shop. This is NOT mandatory, but it's a lot of fun. 

Make check payable to: Nebraska State Day
Mail to: Ada Vicars, 13412 Montclaire Drive, Omaha, NE 68144

For further information about Nebraska State Day 2014, please contact:

Edna Bonney: or (402) 426-4624
Lois Andres: or (402) 894-4824

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Winners are....

Our first ticket drawn belongs to:

Mae Karoli- she has chosen the Three Little Pigs Goebel Vignette ( value$600)

Our second ticket drawn belongs to Linda Newman- she is not answering her phones but she will make the second prize selection which holds up

Third ticket drawn Polly Morey from selecting her prize 9 I have spoken with Polly.

Fourth ticket drawn belongs to Ginger Landon Spiegel- not answering either

Fifth ticket belongs to Kristen Piatak- also not answering her phone


Party Beads

Reminder, your party beads need to be picked up!

Kim's Date for the Phantom Ball

Per Kim........So excited about Channing Tatum being my date tonight for the Phantom Ball!

The Phanton Ball cake was just NOT delivered

The cake was just NOT delivered for tonight's ball.....oh, my gosh! The Sifted Sister bakery out did themselves!!!!
We also decided not to wish Claire a happy 40th birthday! Who the heck is Claire!

Oh no! Phantom Ball!

Say it didn't happen to Carolyn!!!!! Carolyn decided to try on her shoes for tonight...would gold shoes would go best with tonight's ball gown?
She only has 4 1/2 hours till the doors open and the music begins for the NAME Phantom Ball....

Phantom Ball is tonight!

Ticket sales for tonight's ball have come to a close. The guest list of those who decided not to attend is grand. I wish I was not being seated at each and every one's tables. Thanks to all who have bought a ticket. I have much to do today in celebrating April Fool's day....I do hope many of you got the connection of today's date and the Phantom Ball  ...... enjoy this photo of me not getting ready for the ball!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A-3 Region member, Victoria Fox donation to NAME Headquarters

Carmel, Indiana artist, Lisa Rupp created this pen-and-ink drawing and presented copies of the print to the Committee Members who served on the 1988 Region A-3 Houseparty, “Back Home Again.”  Lisa Rupp served as Co-Chairman with Carolyn Terrell for the Indianapolis Regional Houseparty.

This copy of the print is from the collection of Janet Sue King, who passed away January 3, 2012.  Janet was a member of NAME for 30 years, was a charter member of Madison Avenue Miniaturists (C-552), served as an Indiana State Rep (1987-1991) and was a Committee Member for the 1988 A-3 Regional and the 2001 Louisville National Convention.  This framed print was donated to the NAME National Headquarters by Victoria Fox, December 5, 2013. The beautiful drawing now hangs in the NAME office staff

area of the NAME house.

From our hearts goes a " Thank You" to Victoria for this wonderful

Monday, March 10, 2014

NAME'S Phantom Ball Information and Pictures

Several people have called Kim at the NAME office and we need to clarify  your ticket orders... in order to be a part of the 5 Grand Prize Drawings, I must have your ticket order in my ( Babette's) possession by 12:00 (midnight) EST on March 31st. Hope this makes sense?  Order form are available on the NAME website (

On April 1st, we are all way too busy NOT getting ready for the ball, I am not wearing a ball gown or fancy dress, I am not wearing sparkly shoes or my diamond ear rings. I canceled my order for Jimmy Choo shoes as I do not plan on wearing them that evening and nor dancing with my hubby.

 I do plan on having a glass of wine that evening at 6:30 pm ( EST) as I await Kim Ash and Cary Yerves using a" random number select  computer program" to pick our Grand Prize winners. I will be enjoying my wine as I call the winners! Now remember, the first number drawn gets to pick the prize he or she wants, then I shall call the owner of the second number drawn and ask he or she-"Of the 4 remaining grand prizes which do you wish to have?" 

The Grand Prizes are: ( pictures of the Luci Hanson vignette case ( $75 value) and the Goebel Storybook Series The Three Little Pigs - value of $600) and the magnificent , Georgia Matuschak's " Mardi Gras" vignette 
( value- Priceless !!!)  may be seen on the NAME blog page
A registration to any NAME convention or Houseparty after St.Louis National Convention and through 2017 National Alexandria Convention might be yours. A $50 gift certificate for NAME merchandise is being offered.

Tickets order deadline - was March 15 to assure your gifts would be mailed on or before  March 15.  If your order arrives after March 15 and before midnight - March 31st- you will NOT be attending the ball and eligible for the drawings. 

Again, questions- email me...  Babette  at
With much gratitude and so glad many of you have so generously decided not to attend the Phantom Ball!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NAME new National Office Sign

   Because of special NAME A-3 regional members, I am happy to announce, as acting A3 - RC  that the very much needed "new  NAME headquarters sign " has been ordered and donated by the A3 region.  A3 is proud to have our national headquarters located within our region and we are honored to be able to take care of this need. If you were not aware, NAME's present sign has deteriorated ( it just happens with age doesn't it).  The Board of Trustees has acknowledged this donation. 
 The sign, located in the front of NAME's house, is often the place for one's official photograph of " I visited the NAME office".

 So Winter- go away - so the beautiful new sign and the installation process can get underway.  Well, there are a few steps yet to be done before this actually happens but it is going to happen!

   Men's Garden Club member, Dan Zerkel and I have also spoken of the plans for the new landscaping around the new sign, new lightening and more.
Thank you to Dan and Roy Moore , the Men's Garden Club for all of your work in keeping the grounds special. My own club has donated funding for special rose bushes to be planted in memory of one of our members. My next personal mission and Dan's too is the establishment of a certified " Butterfly Garden". A lovely addition to the property and the historical district of Carmel.

    As NAME's Fund Raising Liaison, I am ever so grateful to every member who has made a monetary donation to NAME, for those who know me well,I am always saying.. every dollar counts.  I am very well aware of the financial situations of many a household, many a member and that of our organization. We live in a time - when every dollar given must be used wisely and one must take the time to thank those who give, 
What I want to say is.... thank you, thank you.. to every dollar given to NAME and to every member who has given. 

     Kim Ash and I will make sure that the process of a new sign is documented with pictures and I shall post the progress through emails, NAME blog page, Facebook pages,newsletters and in the Gazette.  When many of you come to INDY in 2015 for the National Convention and visit the"House", please, make sure you take your official " I visited the NAME House" in front of the new sign.

   Best wishes to all .... with appreciation and gratitude.
   Babette Overman

Kim and I.

Kirby and I.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Phantom Ball- 5th GRAND PRIZE

The 5th and final GRAND prize for the Phantom Ball is a very rare find. Any miniaturist will find this prize a treasure to own.

This miniature display that will more than delight you.

 The total value of the Phantom Ball - 5 GRAND Prizes is well over $1000. The and prizes include the following:

A registration to a NAME Convention or Houseparty ( after July  of  2014 through July of 2017)

 Luci Hanson display case

 An original Mardi Gras/Phantom Ball vignette by AOH member, Georgia Matuschak

 and a $50 gift certificate for NAME merchandise and then there is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 1989, the Goebel company had Robert Olszewski design The Wolf Three Little Pigs story book series. Under a glass dome,you will find The house of bricks ( which is the display piece). Inside the house, you will find dancing, the "Stick Pig",the "Straw Pig" and the "Brick Pig" with the wolf trying to blow the house down outside.

The entire, beautiful display is 5".

VALUE - drum roll.... Two collectible internet sites have given the display values of $599/$600 .

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Phantom Ball Update

Ball gowns are not being selected, matching shoes and accessories are not being sought, you must decide which restaurant you are not going to eat at before not attending the "Phantom Ball" on April 1. I do know that 5 members of NAME will be so surprised when they get the telephone call saying- " Your ticket as drawn"
The fifth and final grand prize will be announced tomorrow with a picture. I can not wait till you see it... Thuy Means has sent me ( Babette- Phantom Ball - Fund Raising NAME Liaison this message and picture of what she will NOT be wearing to the Ball because she is not attending.
Hello Babette.
Here is my Phantom Ball gown. It is made from 600 M&M candy wrappers. Although the candy is advertised as "melts in your mouth", the wrapper is made from plastic. I do hope it has a nice soft lining. I hate anything scratchy against my skin.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

NAME Day 2014 Information

Regions, ready your glues, paints, xacto knives, and imaginations.   It's time to prepare for NAME Day 2014, on the calendar for Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014, “A Cozy Corner.” 
On the NAME website ( you will find the Guidelines for NAME Day, as well as Guidelines for anyone interested in being a Cutter (read carefully; a form is included for submission).  Please share this information with your region, including any newsletter editors or regional representatives who might not be on email.  Let's spread the news and this year, break a record for participation in NAME, the Club that Can!! website
I have sent out this information to the Clubs list (if they have an email address) from the NAME office, but please share it again, so that we don't miss anyone. 
This is a great opportunity to invite non-NAME members to join this great organization of friends so they can participate with activities in your region.
Going to a show?  We have flyers you can print off for your NAME table or pamphlet table.  The flyer is attached. 
Please notify Ruth Heisch so that she can list NAME Day events in your region. Contact Ruth, Event Coordinator,  A form is attached.
Guidelines, lists, and instructions will be in the Gazette.  Up to the minute lists and information will be available on the NAME web site, and updated regularly as our Event and Cutter lists grow.

Pat Frost
NAME Day 2014 Committee

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rollin' on the River St. Louis National Convention

Hi all,
Will you be "Rollin' on the River"? Don't forget that registration is now open for NAME's 2014 National Convention in St. Louis, MO.
Our theme is reminiscent of days gone by, of the sight of steamboats and barges, of Mark Twain and the Mississippi River, and of the Lewis and Clark expedition and “opening” of the West..
We have wonderful dealers, workshops, and luncheons selected for you. Go to the NAME website ( to view the lists of classes and dealers, as well as special events that you can participate in.
And if you’re looking for some things to do during free time before you get to St. Louis or after the Convention is over (or maybe when you’ve spent most of your money in the sales room?), there are lots of sights to see in the St. Louis area.
If you’re a history buff, the “Arch” is a great way to spend some time. The ride to the top of the arch is certainly interesting, and the view of the St. Louis downtown area and of the river is fantastic and well worth the trip. While you’re waiting for your tour, explore the museum at the base of the arch – it covers the history of the area at the time of settlement and exploration and is informative and well done.
Something for the entire family (or those of us who are kids at heart) is the St. Louis Zoo. Although there’s a fee for parking, admission to the zoo is free. There are some extras at the zoo that cost, but they are well worth the additional charges. And there are other sights to see – these are just some of them.
So, there’s a lot to enjoy at the National, both at the Convention and in the area – hope to see you rollin’ down the river to St. Louis and the Convention. And isn’t there a song that says something about meeting me in St. Louis?? Let’s do it!

Playtime Memories - message/pictures from the fundraiser winner

Message from Sandra Davis Winner of

NAME 2013 Fundraiser “Playtime Memories”

The best things really do come in small packages and when it comes to miniatures I can add that fun, excitement, and creativity are also included.  I was surprised when the UPS delivery man handed me the box and I could only think “What have I ordered?”

I opened the box and found that I had won the miniature treasure and when I saw all the beautifully crafted miniature goodies I became excited.  I immediately set about to design a scene to show off my prize.

 I decided on a play day out of doors with the focus being the puppet show. 
This is a scene that can take us all back to the days of childhood when we were carefree and had the opportunity to play at will without limitations or expectations.

Among other aspects of miniatures I am reminded that no matter how old I am I can go back to the days of fun by combining my imagination and the many wonderful miniature treasures that are available.  Being a miniaturist is a wonderfully rewarding stress relieving hobby.

I extend my thanks and appreciation to all the miniature crafters and everyone who participated in producing this delightful small package

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Louisville Miniature Club Exhibit at Historical Locust Grove Museum

Sat., Feb. 8 to Sat., Feb. 15
Dollhouses on Display
The Louisville Miniature Club, which oversaw the restoration of the Locust Grove dollhouse, will display about dollhouses and other miniature worlds during February at Locust Grove. Stop by the Visitors’ Center during regular operating hours to marvel at the intricacy and skill evident in these charming miniature scenes. No fee, donations accepted.