Saturday, January 24, 2015

Seattle 2016 National Convention Fund Raiser

I am posting the photographs of Raffle items #4 and 5 for the Seattle National 2016 Convention and information on how you may participate.
One basket contains the mega round table kits the other roundtable kits from the NAME ONLINE 2014 Houseparty. You are also seeing the samples of those kits. The two raffles are:
One being all the samples.
One being all of the kits.
The NAME 2016 Seattle National Convention committee is doing a fundraiser. They have 5 wonderful items up for raffle. If you are interested in getting raffle tickets, please email Karla Smith ,privately at: Please put Seattle Raffle in the subject line.
You do not need to be present to win when the drawing is held at the Seattle Miniature Show on March 8, 2015.

Madison, Wisconsin Small Scales Houseparty Information

NAME has exploded with 2015 events and activities! If you are not a member of NAME, I encourage you to become a member so you do not miss out on being a participant in so many member opportunities. Simple to do- head over to the NAME website to join NAME!
I am posting photographs of the Madison Small Scales Houseparty Thursday Night Workshop which kicks off the May 1-3 event in Wisconsin . The theme being a "NAME County Fair". REGISTRATION IS STILL OPEN! Workshops still have seats to fill, come and enjoy the world of small miniature scales!
By being a part of our NAME FACEBOOK group ,you may or may not be a NAME member- so I want to take a moment and post what a "Houseparty" is as you just might not know.
A Houseparty or Convention is a gathering of like minded miniature enthusiasts who come together to play and learn all about the miniatures world. It is an opportunity to meet others with the same passion; those who want to learn new techniques, view fantastic exhibits, take workshops from world renowned artisans, and exchange ideas about building and collecting miniatures. There are souvenir gifts, wonderful centerpieces, table favors and door prizes.Visit the NAME website to see the list of Houseparties or Conventions to learn when and where these events will be held. Then scroll down further for information. If you have questions, we will be most happy to answer them. You can phone (800) 571-6263 for more information or to join our great organization

Friday, January 23, 2015

More items from the Seattle 2016 Pre Convention Fundraiser

Seattle 2016 National Convention Pre Convention Fundraiser;
Shown below is Item # 2 of the fundraiser.
Centerpiece from the 2013 Houseparty "Playtime Memories"
held in Lexington, Kentucky
This center piece features the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie". The book's pages in miniature are faithful copies of the actual book.
The whole display is on a turntable. Donated by Joane Forrstrom.

The #3 item in the Seattle Pre convention 2016 fundraiser is this complete small scale project . " Christmas in a Case" donated by Luci Hanson.

Seattle 2016 National Convention Fundraiser is announced

The NAME 2016 Seattle National Convention committee is doing a fundraiser. They have 5 wonderful items up for raffle. If you are interested in getting raffle tickets, please email Karla Smith ,privately at: Please put Seattle Raffle in the subject line.
You do not need to be present to win when the drawing is held at the Seattle Miniature Show on March 8, 2015.
Narrative # 1 Auction Item for bedroom furniture from donor, Joane Forsstrom
In a class at a previous National I made the bed and dressed table in a Barbara Squire class. I learned to do a bed with sheets, blanket and a quilt topper so you can turn the top quilt over, thus using the yellow and blue floral and blue and white stripe to advantage. The bed has a collection of 6 pillows and a gathered bed skirt. I learned how to make a covered table with a skirt bordered with embroidery floss and a square topper. Both items use the same floral, striped, and solid fabrics. This collection also includes a lingerie dresser and bedside cabinet with bow fronts. For extras there is a blue gown, clear glass bowl filled with yellow roses, a blue and yellow floral elephant, and a chinese piece.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Indy National Gala announced

In just a few weeks, registration for the NAME 2015 Indy National convention will be underway. I am announcing the theme of this year's GALA with bits of teasers. All details of this year's fabulous Gala will be included in the convention registration packet which will be sent to all convention registrants. But, I just had to tease you... this is a definite Gala , you will want to attend.
" A Taste of Indy"... more than just a taste is in store for those attending.
Did you know that Raggedy Ann celebrates her birthday in 2015 and her connection to Indianapolis?
Did you know that Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmichael are two music composers who introduced America to the first sounds of pop music?
Attached here is a link to a fabulous and classic Carol Burnett tribute to Cole Porter? I am sure many of you after watching will recognize these songs Cole Porter wrote.  ( I also hope you see the funny connection to Indy's theme of food)
It is sure to be a "De-Lovely" Gala evening!

Friday, January 9, 2015

NAME DAY 2015 Project announced

 Details for the 2015 NAME Day project

will be appearing in the next issue of NAME's national magazine, 
"The Miniature Gazette".

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Virginia State Day Project is announced!

The 2015 Virginia State Day project is “A 19th Century Peddler Doll.”  The 1’ scale porcelain doll is painted and wigged.  The machine sewing for the doll’s clothing has been done – basic hand sewing and gluing are all that’s needed to complete dressing the doll.  The project also includes the doll stand, a 5”x7” base, the tray with kits to complete the tray accessories and the other items shown in the photo.  The $80.00 cost also includes lunch, souvenirs, a tote bag filled with favors, door prizes and State Day helpers.  The State Day will be held on April 18, 2015 in Richmond, VA.
  A registration form can be found on the E-1 website

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Indianapolis National Convention Registration opens January 30th

Just a reminder that registration opens January 30th to attend the 2015 Indianapolis Convention.  You can send in your registration anytime between now and January 30th to be considered 1st day postmark.  All registration forms will be held and processed after the  January 30th postmark deadline.  We have lots of great surprises planned for everyone who attends.  This will be a perfect convention to bring your kids or grandkids.  We will have youth workshops and activities planned throughout the convention for them.  There will also be a "supervised" youth table so they can sit together.  You will love the Thursday Evening Workshop designed and created by Shawn and Robin Betterely.  Information and pictures for the Thursday Evening Workshop have been posted.   We hope to see you in Indy!

Have you been wondering what all is going to be happening at Indy National? Well, here is a sneak peak at the project for Thursday night. This is the MadHatter Cafe, designed exclusively for this National by Robin & Shawn Betterley. It will be offered in all three scales--1", 1/2" and 1/4". This will never be offered again....

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays!

As this month has passed, we have been saying " Happy Holidays" to loved ones - family and friends. On behalf of all the members of NAME, I want to wish each of you a most joyous Holiday Season!
Believe in the spirit of this holiday season NAME friends!

Babette Overman

The putz houses are from artisan Bethany Lowe and were part of her holiday collection.