Monday, April 20, 2015

"Frightfully Smaller Than Life" NAME event

"Frightfully Smaller Than Life"- the new fall NAME event that you will not want to miss being a part of! Click on the form for details ( enlarges the form) and for further information contact Karla Smith, NAME's Houseparty and Convention Liaison.

Visit the NAME House during July Convention in Indy

We know everyone is excited to visit the NAME House and to see how great the upstairs looks since construction! We would like to announce that we will be open to visitors during these days and times:
Monday: 10am-3pm
Tuesday: 10am-3pm
Wednesday: Convention Tour only
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 10am-3pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
This is a great opportunity to meet new friends! For those of you who will have transportation and willing to share a ride please post in the members only area of the NAME website under the "community cafe" tab and select "roommates/rides." We look forward to seeing you all in July!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Indy National 2015 NAME Convention News

For those of you registered for the Thursday Evening Mad Hatter Café workshop might want to consider Donna Eckel’s “Mad Hatter Cake” class on Monday or Ruth Stewarts “Cupcake Shaped Cake in All Scales” class on Thursday.  What perfect additions to the Mad Hatter Café.  
Wanting to learn some new techniques?  Join Craig Roberts and learn how to make pottery.   Learn the magic of using the Lathe Duplicator with Tom Walden.  How about spending the morning with Pete Boorum and making kitchen utensils and cutting boards using jewelers saw and hand tools.  
Of course we all love walking away with a completed scene or a structure.  Join Sally Manwell in creating a  ¼” scene in a measuring cup.  Debbie Young’s Backyard BBQ looks like a party we won’t want to miss out on.  Looking for a new piece of real-estate?  Join Yvonne Ayoroa in creating a lovely Victorian house with yard.  
We have so many great classes being offered.  These are just a few of them.  Please visit this link to view the flipbooks at the bottom of the page

At the same link please check out the Theme Luncheons being offered.  What a great opportunity to sit with some of our talented miniature friends for lunch, a special gift, and hear their stories.  Join Pete Acquisto as he talks about miniature silver making.  For those who like a little adventure, join Carl Bronsdon as he details the adventures of a little black cat named Dexter.  Trace the evaluation of the child’s toy kitchen with Lew Kummerow.   Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find out just what is on Robin and Shawn Bettereley’s worktable.  Ever wondered how to give your mini room a special look by hand painting a piece of furniture?  Gwen Campbell has some fun and interesting techniques to share tp give it just the right flare.  Join Sue Herber as she discusses how Raggedy Ann has inspired the miniature world.  You can’t miss joining Carolyn McVicker for her demonstration on silicon plastique molds can be used for both our miniature and real life foods. 
For more information on the Theme Luncheons please visit this link and view the flipbook at the bottom of the page.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

NAME Tee Shirt Sale ends April 1st!

Reminder- the NAME tee shirt sale ends on April 1st!
With warmer weather arriving in parts of the country, the Madison Houseparty and the Indy convention are just around the corner, this is the time to take advantage of this great sale. Wear your NAME shirts and show the world that you belong to the best little organization in the world! Discounted tee shirt prices along with special bonus gifts for special multiply tee shirt orders!
 Click on the flyer below to enlarge for easier reading! Call the NAME office to place your order.

A miniaturist loves reference sheets!

In working with miniatures, a person never has 
enough reference sheets. 
We hope that these reference sheets might come
 in handy to you some time!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

NAME " Quacker of a Duck Race" news update!

Sharing with you, NAME " A Quacker of a DUCK Race" news.
"Dollhouse Miniatures" and "American Miniaturists" are donating to this race as prizes ,a year's subscription to each magazine! Two NAME members adopting ducks are going
 to be very lucky winners!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Adopt your Duck for the NAME "Quacker of A Duck Race"

Adopt your NAME duck(s) for the May 24th NAME " Quacker of a Race" ! 
To learn of the race details and adopt a duck go to 
20 unbelievable prizes and everyone adopting a duck will receive a "gift of appreciation" in the scale of their choice and a adoption certificate!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

" A Quacker of a Race- Adopt a NAME Duck"

Would you like to win a cake like this made by Ruth Stewart? Or maybe this tool bag with the tools shown? Or a free registration and three nights lodging to the NAME Indy 2015 convention or how about to the NAME 2016 Seattle Convention? 
It is going to be a " Quacker of A Race- Adopt a NAME Duck" for the event of the year with 20 unbelievable, great prizes, Every participant will receive an appreciation gift in the scale of their choice. All proceeds to NAME! A click on the flyers shown here, will enlarge them. An Adopt a Duck form will also be available on the NAME web